Daadkracht, slagvaardigheid en resultaatgericht maar met respect voor mens én organisatie.


Daadkracht, slagvaardigheid en resultaatgericht maar met respect voor mens én organisatie.


Daadkracht, slagvaardigheid en resultaatgericht maar met respect voor mens én organisatie.


HR Mind staat voor no-nonsense, een praktische “hands-on” en een even zo professionele en resultaat gerichte aanpak.

Een kleine introductie

Wie is HR-Mind?

HR-Mind is in 2001 opgericht door Thieu Hofkes, MBA (1963) die zijn Human Resources loopbaan gestart is in 1986.

Thieu Hofkes, MBA (1963) is de oprichter van HR-Mind en gespecialiseerd in het geven van advies en ondersteuning op het gebied van arbeids-, medezeggenschapsrecht en het brede werkgebied van Personeel en Organisatie.

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HR-Mind is uw partner,
daar waar het gaat om
kwesties op het
gebied van onder meer:

  • Organisatieontwikkeling en cultuurverandering
  • Arbeidsrecht
  • Medezeggenschap
  • Arbeidsvoorwaarden ontwikkeling
  • Mediation en coaching
  • Werving en selectie van medewerkers
  • Executive Search
  • Reorganisaties
  • Fusies en divestments


Hands On

Business partner


Wat zeggen klanten over HR-mind?

Thieu has fullfilled an interim assigment of almost one year. As a team member he integrated immediatly within the team and was very professional within the assigment of Employee Relations. Thieu has a a lot knowledge on Employee Related matters and he handled all with excellent expertise of the business. Partnering with his stakeholders was extremely efficient for someone with a minimum of knowledge of the company. I’ve got to know Thieu as a professional with a nice positive personality and good communication skills.

Thieu partnered with our organisation regarding employee relations, in a temporary replacement role. I’ve got to know Thieu as a skilled professional with an excellent expertise, knowledgde and interpersonal skills to fulfill his role very well, providing high quality service and support.

Thieu has been an outstanding business partner for me, always providing very relevant advice on hiring, being very proactive, efficient, constructive and supportive, in spite of his heavy workload.
I highly recommend him both for his professionalism and his very positive attitude that make him a true asset in a HR team.

Talented, organised, able to plow through a high volume of work with a high volume of detail. Thorough and contagious with his “can-do” attitude.

Thieu has been working with me and my team over the past few months to help fill some positions which were proving a challenge! After Thieu started work with us, we filled two roles which had been vacant for over six months. I recommend him for his focus and knowledge of how to target the right talent.

I have worked with Thieu in a large Stater programm, integrating financial service processes (mortgage) into the Stater organization and processen. Thieu was responsible for a specific part in the program, transfer of staff from the client organization to the Stater organization. Thieu is practical and straightforward. He doesn’t hesitate when there are issues, he addresses issues and makes them visible into proposals and decision documents. I was good to work with Thieu, a very positive experience.

Thieu worked as a interim HR Manager at our company. First and foremost, his HR skillset is excellent. He was able to accomplish a tremendous amount of work in a relatively short period of time. He brought a fresh perspective to the position which was great. Further, his professionalism, attitude and organizational skills are top notch. If you get the opportunity to work with Thieu, I’d certainly recommend it and believe you will be very pleased you did.

Thieu is a very straightforward, practical colleague who easily identified opportunities and developed good ideas to capture and/resolve. Very easy to converse with good people reader, it was a pleasure to work with him and his participation in Katun’s ongoing projects has been a very positive experience.

If your organization needs a wake-up call Thieu is the right person for the job. With his expertise, personality and hands on approach he has challenged and supported me personally and helped guiding our operational organization through a time of change.

Thieu has been a true business partner, supporting me with passion, dedication and persistance. He demonstrated strong managerial skills in leading the HR function, focusing on growth areas and talent development.

I know Thieu since 2004 now and worked with him in different capacities. We initially met with each other when he was my preferred candidate for an important European HR position with a major US international company, Thieu was hired by my client and he spend many years adding a lot value to the European HR operations. Today Thieu is my client for a number of important pan European searches. I have come to know Thieu as an intelligent and hard working individual who always strives for the best results. He has positioned himself as an important and much relied on business partner to executive management and he is a key contributor and decision maker in the European business strategy. Thieu is an honest and transparent business man, one can rely on his word and he will always stand up for his people and the decisions he makes. He is a true business partner and someone that adds value to each and every process.

Thieu, acts very professional, but he’ s also a very nice person. Strong communication and turnaround skills, honest, down-2-earth and business – / sparring partner at all areas. It was a honor to work with him.

Thieu acts senior HR like HR should be. He will assist everybody that is eager to learn and listen. He’s easy to communicate with, honest, down-2-earth, nice sense of humor and – above all- has a great mindsett. He’s a top professional within HR
Thanks for working with me.


Thieu goes given his broad background in employee relations very quickly to the core of the matter which saves you as a business provider plenty of time. Thieu will not give you the chance to wind a short story long.
Thieu goes given his broad background in employee relations very quickly to the core of the matter which saves you as a business provider plenty of time. Thieu will not give you the chance to wind a short story long.

In my career I have worked with many HR managers but I was really impressed by Thieu’s ability on organizing a restructuring process and to ccordinate a team. What I learnt from Thieu is something which really improved my professional skills.

Thieu was a very capable HR generalist who was used in too narrow a role at Ingersoll-Rand. He was a very capable individual, who became a good source of ideas whilst I worked with him. He had a very good international background and would be a very capable HR Director within EMEA. He was not political, just wanting to get issues resolved in a business orientated manner and had a very good way of getting his ideas across.

Thieu is an ambitious and energetic senior HR professional with a strong business focus. Through his extensive international experience he has become a true “cameleon” who is adaptive to cultural differences without loosing focus.

Thieu is a strong result oriented manager in Industrial Relations and HR issues. He brought an effective way of work in the team for managing razionalitations and restructuring projects, very good in coordination and supervision. He developed strategic initiatives to realize the business strategy.

Over HR-Mind

Uw partner in Human Resources, Consultancy, Interim Management en Mediation. Ons doel is het voorkomen, respectievelijk oplossen van diverse vraagstukken op personeel gebied vanuit uw perspectief.